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May 5 2011 5 05 /05 /May /2011 21:13

Thor movie poster

I went to the Premiere, and the theater was like a Twilight series Premiere, but reversed: instead of a 600-seat room full of giggling teenage girls and 2 or 3 unfortunate boyfriends, Thor's audience was full of 20-something grunting males and 2 or 3 reluctant girlfriends. Plus me. 

In short: good plot, good jokes, good acting, good casting. I laughed for 2 hours. As all Marvel comics turned into a film, the story really happens in 2011. Sceneries, clothes, gadgets... everything is 2011. 

Natalie Portman is, as always, just perfect, dashing and amazing in a role so different from the ones she's used to that it's incredible. This woman can do anything.

I loved the FBI-bashing, the geek references ("Do you think that's Tony Stark's?"), the morale to it all...

This film is for geeks who like Marvel stories. I loved it.

One tiny downside though, the Premiere was in 3D, and this film was not especially made for 3D (as opposed to Avatar for instance). So yeah, a slight disappointment here; they seriously need to stop trying to fool us with their fake 3D that's actually more blurring the edges of the scenes that adding a nice visual touch to the film.

But otherwise this film is fun. I mean what could get wrong with a superhero whose powers lie in his HAMMER? A hammer, for God's sake, it's unbelievable how they made this credible on screen. But they did.

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