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October 21 2012 1 21 /10 /October /2012 11:31

Not unlike people, TV shows come and go in my life (but fortunately I change shows more often than I switch friends :)) 


Last year, I definitely dropped Grey's Anatomy and How I Met Your Mother, something that I had seen coming but felt sad nonetheless.

I also dropped newer additions to my following list, and that is rarer. So I stopped following Games of Thrones, a show which, in my opinion, takes itself too seriously.

I dropped The Good Wife as well, as I find these kinds of stories always end up running in circles. I had the same feeling about Damages.

Likewise I stopped watching Being Erica, an overall nice show but which struggled to find a new breath in my opinion.


I'm still watching Royal Pains, but in a non regular way: I dont follow the show every week, but prefer to watch a bunch of episodes in a row.

I love Awkward, a good thing this is a summer show so that when we hit season finales I have something to look forward to.


And I've become so addicted to Castle it's kind of scary. I can't wait to watch the next episode, I've watched the first 4 seasons several times and I know the thing by heart. This show just feels good! 


I have also discovered the genius show Downton Abbey, for which I'll write a complete article. This show is amazing, the cast is amazing, the Britishness of it all is amazing.


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