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May 17 2012 5 17 /05 /May /2012 12:32


It's been a while since I last posted here, but I really found something blog-worthy.

Last week was Castle's season 4 finale. I've rarely, if ever, seen such an epic season finale. Or, rather, although I am often hooked and swept by an episode (or a film) I've rarely become so swept that I didn't foresee what was coming.

There are many reasons why I love Castle, mostly because I love Kate Beckett's character; I find it so true. The show is never too much or not enough, it just is. Like it could really happen like this, in real life. Of course I see past the crazy murders and near death experiences here, I see through the plots and only focus on the characters. They're true.

Besides my love for this show, I love season finales because, let's face it, I love epic things, and season finales are meant to be like "super episodes". They are meant to be more than your regular mid-season episode, to close most of the seasons' plots, while still leaving you wanting for more and hanging on till the next season starts. Most issues that appeared throughout the season are solved, most times after an epiphany, or a big suspense-laden fight or conflict.

I've watched so many shows with deep interest, sometimes adoration, that I'm used to these mechanics, and I always expect as much from any 42-minute format show. I always wait to be in a very special, focused mood when I watch a finale, to enjoy it to its full extent. Same goes for season premieres, although they are generally less epic. They're about discovering the new axes, the new conflicts, that will be solved when the finale comes. And, of course,should there be a cliffhanger during the previous season's finale, getting rid of that tension. 

Anyway, although season finales have become a good old tradition throughout the years, it doesn't mean that I enjoy them any less.


But I really, really, really wasn't expecting that level of epic.

I wasn't expecting so many axes closing in one episode. Or, rather, I wasn't expecting four years of tension and character development and relationship building to come crashing in a climax of such intensity. I knew - or, let's be honest, I hoped - that when all the things they had hold back would be put out on the table, it would be intense, crazy while remaining simple, but the thing is I wasn't expecting it to happen then. I was so slow, and so fast at the same time, but most of all it was so right.

This show continues to be right, and true, year after year, but this episode totally took me by surprise and blew my mind. Part of me feels they made it for the fans, the true fans, not just the regular audience. I love it when they do that, in a show, in a film. They put up all the details only the fans notice, like the "dance" between calling the other by their first name / last name / title depending on the level of anger or intimacy. Or the biting of one's lower lip only on certain occasions.

It was all there, and it was beautiful, unexpected on my part, but so right! I loved every minute of it.

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