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August 19 2009 4 19 /08 /August /2009 23:45

Duplicity Poster

The other day I discovered Duplicity, with Julia Roberts & Clive Owen. I loved it, for many reasons:
- I like stories about spies.
- Julia Roberts. There's something about her, she always has had an effect on me.
- Hello, trust issues!
- It reminded me of some personal stuff.
- Yay, multiple places! I like it when they travel all around the world.

A few drawbacks:
- It's quite hard to follow the timeline, and it takes a while before you understand why they keep telling each other the same thing all over again.
- Hard to explain the drawback without spoiling, so I'll just say "saw it coming!" which means it's not such a good movie (I hate it when I was expecting what's happening in the movie before it actually happens.)
- Clive Owen. I don't like the guy, although I'm beginning to think he might fit in the Audrey Tautou syndrome. Audrey Tautou is a French actress I seriously couldn't stand at first (seriously!), who managed to change my opinion after a while (and a couple of very good roles), and now I do like the way she acts. About Clive Owen, in this movie I found him less unattractive than before, so I guess it's a good start. I would have preferred to see Jude Law or George Clooney instead of C. Owen, though.

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