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August 21 2009 6 21 /08 /August /2009 00:24

GI Joe - The Rise of Cobra Poster

Being a fan of Marvel/DC Comics action movies that involve super powers (XMen, Superman Returns, Spiderman 1... but most of all Transformers 1 & 2) I went to see G.I. Joe - The Rise Of Cobra yesterday. I was not disappointed because I was not expecting much from it. The action is good, the dialogues appropriate to such a movie, the actors fit in their respective characters, jokes are greasy and expected (jeez, guy movies never change!) To my surprise I found the music quite good and was expecting to see Patrick Doyle's name in the credits, but the work isn't his although at times it resembles the HP4 (The Goblet Of Fire) soundtrack quite much.

I was, however, very much surprised to read on IMDB that the main female character, Anna, is in real life Sienna Miller. I hadn't recognized her at all, and in such occasions I realise how much I really don't care about celebrities, as most women do. I mistook her for someone else in my own mind, meaning that whenever her name showed up in a conversation or article, I'd have that face pop up in my mind that is not hers. That's quite a funny feeling, actually.

One major negative point though, G.I. Joe's special effects were disappointing. I don't know what's on the editors' and designers' minds, but I am really not fooled at all by this new technique they've used and abused of in HP6 and SW3 for example. I found the "old" FX much more credible than this type. When I'm watching a movie usig the "new" FX, I feel like I'm playing a Playstation 1 videogame. This pisses me off, really... but otherwise I was quite entertained by the movie.

In short, I've got mixed feelings. I got my dose of entertainment, but a movie of that superpowers type should have decent special effects.

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