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November 24 2009 3 24 /11 /November /2009 23:50
What's with all the new technologies, computers at work, laptops at home, and SmartPhones everywhere else, we barerly hold a pen in our hands anymore.

Have you ever experienced this weird feeling, when you were still a student, that you could hardly take handwritten notes properly when September came after two months writing a few postcards and crosswords or sudoku on the beach? Well, if you ever worried that with your iPhone, you were definitely never going to use a 4-colours Bic pen ever again, you can download this nice app to keep handwriting.

It lets you write notes with your index, and the words show in neon colours (purple, yellow, red, blue, green...) on a black screen. The result is quite nice and much more fashionable and funny than the crisp "Notes" built-in app.

To be honest, it's more like handpainting than proper handwriting, and you cannot write much, but the app works fine, and it's ideal to have only a few words per line for to-do or shopping lists...

Here's a screenshot I just made:
Use Your Handwriting
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August 5 2009 4 05 /08 /August /2009 12:03
Drum SetI've just found out about a new "website" on GeekSugar this morning. It's called Drum Set. Basically, you use your keyboard to make drum-like sounds. It's a very cool website you quickly become addicted to... I've just spend 20 minutes inventing tunes without realising it. A good thing I'm currently on holiday, because I'm not sure I would get much work done were I at the office playing in this website!

Rock Band In the same topic, I'm a very huge fan of Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band. One of my best friends possesses both games and we can play for hours. I particularly enjoy playing drums (obviously) and signing, but I'm not averse to the guitar and bass, provided I only have to hit 4 heys and not the 5. I do find RB's singing much easier than that of GH, even in Expert mode I rarely get less than 85% (and I'm not a good singer at all, my roomates always complain when I begin singing in our flat), whereas with GH, even in the lowest level of difficulty it's hard to get more than 80%.

Tap Tap Revenge 2
I also discovered the Tap Tap Revenge application for iPhone and iPod Touch this winter (thanks, LH), and when I finally get my hands on an iPhone 3GS this fall, it's probably the first application I'm going to download and enjoy in the Parisian subway every morning on my way to work.

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