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July 9 2011 7 09 /07 /July /2011 00:37


Sex And The City

As a TV show lover, watching SATC was kind of long overdue. Truly enough, I had never stuck to the random episodes that aired on TV, and so I never took the chance of watching the whole show. Until now. I don't really know why I started this now, maybe because all my current shows are not back till September/October, but a month or so ago Sex & The City appealed to me. And so I did this the only way one should ever start watching a TV show: by the beginning.

It took me three weeks (yes, I work and I have a life - sort of) and boy, I didn't get pulled for no reason. I was swept, amazed, my fictional heart fell for Big, broke and mended alongside with Carrie's, but most of all I laughed my ass off at anything and everything.

The one big drawback of catching up on a show that's been over for seven years and of which you've seen both movie sequels, is that you sort of already know how the series' going to end. But then that's also a nice thing, actually, as things just fall into place. I'm usually this big spoiler hater, but for SATC things were slightly different, it felt as if I had already seen the show a decade ago.

Anyway, I loved it. Not only did I get to see NYC again, but "I couldn't help but wonder" at how the Internet is such a recent invention. And also, at how fashion has always been weird and will continue to be so. And also, at the unbelievable perspective of getting to spend $40,000 on shoes in a decade. Carrie's got style, that's for sure, but far from being unreachable, she's human and touching. As any fictional hero.

I really, really, really liked it.

Sex And The City - An American in Paris Part Deux

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