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October 22 2010 6 22 /10 /October /2010 23:03

Greyson Chance and Ellen DeGeneres.jpg

I've read a lot of articles recently comparing Greyson Chance and Justin Bieber.

Truly enough, both are young (13 and 16 respectively), both are musicians, both have straight longish hair brought back in front of their eyes with the same annoying habit of shoving it off their foreheads by shaking convulsively their heads.That, they have in common. But I think the comparison stops here, for several reasons.

First, Justin Bieber sings hip hop ("U smile I smile", and "One love, one heart, one life, one time, one guy, number one girl..." does he know what comes after 1?)  while Greyson Chance is into pop rock and the piano. As he said on The Ellen DeGeneres show, "songs with meaning". 

Second, Justin Bieber has a very fat head. Greyson is this humble, likeable kid.

Thirdly, Greyson Chance's voice goes both very high (quite normal for a kid this young) and very low. And he seems to have a very strong voice; a sense of power emanates from him when he sings. I don't feel that when I listen to JB.

I'm not saying that Justin Bieber is an old fraud, because it takes guts and talent to get where he is today. I'm not even ashamed to say that I like what he does. I'm simply arguing that you don't need to be such a condescending prat as a person. He's cute, and most probably not surrounded by the right people, but that would be such a shame were he to become the next Britney Spears. The hiphop attitude doesn't suit him, I think.

Greyson Chance's first "official" single will be out on 26th Oct, and his album ought to come this fall or winter. Meanwhile, you'll find below the video that launched Greyson Chance's success story (32 million hits...). The video is shaking a lot, but I think you'll still be amazed at GC's voice and understand my point.



More info on Greyson Chance on his website.

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