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October 20 2010 4 20 /10 /October /2010 21:20

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger Poster

Even though I love going to the cinema (I think that's pretty obvious), I don't go see a film for its sole director. I generally go for an actor, an actress, a scenario, a composer, a technology. But I rarely go see a film just because it's by X or Y.

There are a few exceptions, for example Jane Campion's Bright Star (see my review here) which I had really been waiting for, or anything George Lucas might offer and, of course, Tim Burton, who is generally partnering with Johnny Depp, always a win-win. 

When it comes to Woody Allen's art, I'm far, far behind. Amongst his 64 films, the only ones I've seen are: Anything Else (which I watched on TV, by chance, really, I didn't even know that was a Woody Allen film until he popped on the screen), Match Point, Scoop and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. If you hadn't noticed the pattern, Scarlet Johansson stars in the last three; I like her acting style and generally her characters.

I had enjoyed these films, even though I remembered feeling quite uneasy while watching Match Point. Yet, when two of my friends showed interest in You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, I only thought "why not?". And so I went.

Well, I must say I spent a good time, I hadn't wondered at the time flying during the ending credits for a while. Feeling that you have totally escaped the confines of time and space has become scarce in my life, and that's really a shame because this is mostly why I go to the movies.

Anyway, it was full of dark & twisty people but with this lightness, so typical of Woody Allen's (or at least, of the meagre part of his filmography that I have seen). It was not the film of the year, because I like to be surprised at the turn of events and in this film I definitely wasn't (hello clichés!), but it was a good film nonetheless. The story is quite classic: several people, each linked to all the others through one or two acquaintances. Every one of them in on a turning point in their lives. The film focuses on the transition from one state of mind to the next. So nothing extraordinary here. Just a nice way to tell the story.

I think what I loved best, actually, was the opening and ending credits: When you wish upon a star, from Disney's Pinocchio!


It brought my childhood self right back on the surface and I reckon that's partly why I was so absorbed by the rest of the film.

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