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October 18 2010 2 18 /10 /October /2010 21:37

Last Tuesday, I went to Tom McRae's gig in La Cigale, Paris, France, and it was incredible. One thing you should know about me is that when it comes to this artist, I become this huge, absolutely biased, totally in awe groupie who cannot think straight. That's a lot to say considering that I'm usually a very rational person; at least as rational as someone with Peter Pan's syndrome can be. Anyway.

It was the third time I saw Tom live, and I wasn't disappointed for a second. First of all, he started by Mermaid Blues - easily in my top 5 songs of Tom's - a cappella, guys, and that, my friends, is what I call impressive. You can listen to Tom McRae's performance below... thanks to my second best friend, iPhone. There's this ringing silence, you'd wonder if this is live or not... but it is!

The rest of the concert was simply awesome, with everything you can expect from one of your favourite artists of all times: Tom "played" with the public, talked a lot (I love that), made many jokes... And that's when I realised that even though Tom McRae's discography is full of melancholic, meaningful songs -in short: dark & twisty- the person behind the name is actually light and cheerful. I had forgotten this since the last concert of Tom's I attended. 

La Cigale is a very special venue, I had never been there before but it is particularly adapted to Tom McRae's concerts: a sense of intimacy, great acoustic... and red curtains.

It had been a while since I spent such a very, very good time.

Below a photo of Tom and his band (the photo is from a John Rudd, I found it on Tom McRae's FB page). Tom's second from the right. 

Tom and the band try 'Streetlights' at La Cigale, 12/10/10 (c) John Rudd

I also bought two new CDs there: The Streetlight Collection (full of B-sides) and The Prospect Tapes (demos from the "All Maps Welcome" period in 2004). 

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