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July 24 2010 7 24 /07 /July /2010 23:50


Amazing cast (Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cillian Murphy...), interesting and mysterious idea for a film, good music, thrilling action, a well-mastered concept... This film has everything a good psychological thriller needs. I spent a very, very good time, swept away by the concept.

And yet...

- It really reminded me of Matrix 1, in a way, maybe a tad too much. You could have copied and pasted some dialogues from Matrix in Inception and the other way around.

- The concept was thrilling, and, as I said before, well-mastered by the film director (no incoherence, no jumping of scenes...). But I really felt that they explained too much, as if we were idiots... So I was always 15 minutes ahead, anticipating everything (particularly the ending, which I've heard some people angry or surprised about, when, seriously, it was so obvious that the film could NOT have ended in ANY other way...)

- I may be French, but please, Marion Cotillard is useless in this film... It was better when she acted in France, she had interesting roles, instead of the shallow characters she incarnates in Hollywood...

- I may be French, but please, no one younger than 50 years old listens to Edith Piaf, contrary to what everyone else on the planet seems to think.

- Cillian Murphy is creeping me out, every since I saw 28 days later in 2005 I can't look at him straight in the eye.

- Really disappointed in the special effects: with what can be done today (see Avatar, Transformers or Iron Man...) I was surprised that they seemed to have cut the FX budget that much. The images are not as realistic as they can be today, it feels like the old blue screen for Titanic is back... On another hand, I am wondering if this was done on purpose, to prove us that dreams are always fuzzy on the details. This paragraph excludes the Level 2 Hotel scenes, which I found amazing.

Apart from all this (because I know I tend to ask for too much...) I really liked the film, it's a must see.

It also had this extremely troubling effect on my sleep the following night: my conscience kept invading my subconscious self while dreaming, just like they do in the film, resulting in an almost sleepless night (read: woke up 5 times because, mid-dream, I was realising I was dreaming and that's one trigger for waking up... creepy!) and a fear of never sleeping again, but that was only one night. This, I feel, was the 4th dimension I'm always seeking when I go to the movies.

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