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June 7 2010 2 07 /06 /June /2010 23:19

Sarah McLachlan - Laws of Illusions cover


Easily in my top 10 artists of all times, I've seen Sarah McLachlan on stage a few years ago in Paris, I've got all her albums, all listened to gazillion times, I've got at least 20 favourite songs of her, including her whole Christmas album "Wintersong"... in a nutshell, I'm a HUGE fan of hers and her work. 

Her new album, Laws of Illusion, is out next week (June 15th), but you can already listen to it, in its entirety and for free, on her Facebook page. Just click "Like" and you'll really get to a page with all the songs of the album - this is not a hoax (I despise hoaxes more than almost anything.)

First, as a Marketing major I think this is a very smart communication strategy, and second I think this is just great in itself to be able to preview an album before you buy it. And even if you don't buy it, because in the end music is not just a business, it's sound and sound is a free and most of the times beautiful thing, I think it's just well played from any artist to extend their audience to a maximum of people using social media.

Anyway, I've just finished listening to it, and I like it already.


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