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April 15 2010 5 15 /04 /April /2010 23:37


I had done the whole "don't spoil me, I don't want to read, watch or hear anything about this film" routine before entering the cinema to watch it, so I was totally unaware of the story, actors, scenery... All I had seen was the poster above.

I was sort of expecting a lost guy meets lost girl (no pun intended) love story.This is so different, and so the same, all at once. I can't even say anything for fear of spoiling anyone.But I loved the film.

One thing I adore, also, is when a great actor/actress is second role in a movie. And seeing Pierce Brosnan as a second role is priceless. I mean, who can resist 007, I wonder? (rhetorical question) And here, he's the humble actor, I just love that.

Also in the film: the little girl who plays in Nurse Jackie, and Lena Olin. Nice cast.

Of course, the real Rob Pattinson (not its whiter than white brown-eyed Twilight version) is back. That's nice.


Go see it...

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