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September 1 2009 3 01 /09 /September /2009 21:54
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This weekend I went to the cinema to see Up, the latest Disney/Pixar film. While it's old news in Northern America, it's only been out in France for a few weeks. I saw it with special 3D effects (they give you special googles and all... it's like IMAX 3D only the screen is of normal size, not gigantic).

as you may have already figured out, I'm a fan of many things, but Pixar's movies hold a very special part in my fanness. Except for Finding Nemo, for which I found no interest whatsoever, I love them all. And Up was certainly up (no pun intended) to my high standards. It's got all I love in the Pixars, i.e. hilarious jokes quickly followed by very dramatic scenes. In Nemo there was humour indeed, but not the intensity of the sad scenes Pixar is able to produce. In all the others, Monsters Inc particularly, I literally go from laughing of out to crying my eyes out in about 2 seconds, and I love that.

Up didn't fail in making me up (the voice of that dobberman was hilarious!!) and down (all those poignant flashback scenes), but I think what really did the trick was the realism felt with the 3D special feature (I could have hold the house in my palm...) with the main character, who reminds me an awful lot of a professor in my business school.

And who has never dreamt of flying with balloons, who has never dreamt of having a flying house? Who's never dreamt of both?

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French Knight 09/28/2009 20:02

I have seen this movi (in French language of course, but I am not happy to see it. Drawings are wonderfull, but , there is no funny moment, no situation to remerber an other movies.
 1 ou 2 good ideas (like a dog with voice).... Except the 10 minutes at the begining, I t is not a good.

Fan 09/28/2009 20:29

I loved it! I loved the dog's jokes and the helium voice they gave the dobberman. But it's a sad story at the same time, so, yes, it's not funny all the time. That's what's special about Pixar.
Unlike Dreamworks' productions (e.g. Shrek), stories usually start on a sad event, and make you go through many different emotions.