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August 29 2009 7 29 /08 /August /2009 20:54
... It's not just because they're cleverer and wiser than I am, with my 24 years on this planet. It's not just because they've seen so many things and lived so many different times, with different values and wars and everything.

No, really, old people amaze me when they enjoy themselves and are still interested in many things instead of loosing their energy and being bored because nothing surprises them anymore.

But most of all, old people amaze me when, at 91 (I mean, 91!!!) they're playing drums like it's some absolutely normal elderly-activity, such as playing bridge or knitting scarves for their great-grandchildren (sorry for the stereotypes here.) Meet Jerrie Thill, 91, rocking the world like it's Woodstock, 1969, plugged to an oxygen bottle. I'm speechless. I certainly hope to be still playing Rock Band at 91!

Usually, old people make me sad. I don't know why, it must be the hopelessness they seem to carry on their frail shoulders. Physically, there are many common things they cannot do easily anymore (walking, lifting heavy objects, seeing, hearing, eating...) They also seem totally lost with all things technology, and all of it makes me really sad when I cross them in the streets. But Jerrie Thill, wow, I'm in awe, because she's got talent and she seems to want it all. It's not the end till it's the end!

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