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February 20 2010 7 20 /02 /February /2010 17:13
Sherlock Holmes & Watson Posters

My review's going to be quite short: NICE ONE!
Although I never read any of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes adventures, I always pictured a very clever but also good person when I thought of Holmes, and his plumpy, dumb follower Watson. I didn't know the mighty, fighty, rebel detective who cares for nothing but himself. And Watson is, in this movie, very proactive, he thinks for himself and all.

The music was good (thank you again Hans Zimmer!) although at times, the violin solos during the tense scenes made me a bit uncomfortable -- which, I think, was actually the point, so well done! I liked Guy Ritchie's directing though, I found it quite original. The suspense was breathtaking, and Jude is, well, as irresistible as ever. I was not at all convinced by the moustache thing at first, but actually it suits him and his character very well. Finally, Rachel McAdams is absolutely perfect in her role.

The only negative comment I will make is that I think they should have waited another 10 years or invest more in the special effects: the late 19th century London did not really impress nor convince me, in particular the sky and background sceneries. Technology is not there yet... or rather, affordable technology isn't.

All in all, go for it, it's worth it.

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