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January 23 2010 7 23 /01 /January /2010 00:09
I just previewed Sarah McLachlan's One Dream videoclip. This song will be used during the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver, and features Sarah playing the piano in an ice ring as well as a montage of various exploits (or not) in the 2006 figure skating games.

Well, first of all you won't be able to watch the video unless either:
- You live in the US, which is actually really stupid since Vancouver is in Canada and SarahMcLachlan is Canadian,
- You use a proxy to pretend you live in the US (my computer sends the information that I live in the US while I'm actually in Paris right now) as I did,
- You wait until Jan 24 when the videoclip will supposedly be released to the whole public.

Second of all, it's not that worth it. I mean I absolutely adore Sarah McLachlan, I can easily put her in my top 3 of all the artists I know, but I didn't quite like this video because I'm not that  big a fan of figure skating. I'd have find it much more thrilling had there been images of different sports, not just this cheesy one.

That being said, the song itself is slightly cheesy (made me think of that extremely corny one in Invictus) but I find that Sarah's voice and piano performances always mix well.

I'm trying to embed the vid anyway, I don't know if I have US or proxy-savvy readers.

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