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January 10 2010 1 10 /01 /January /2010 11:56
It's Complicated
"It's complicated" is the story of a 50-something couple with three children who got a nasty divorce 10 years ago and who try the "divorced with benefits" experience. The ex-husband got remarried, and the ex-wife redesigned her whole life by opening up bakeries, building her house, gaining self-confidence.

The movie is obviously a comedy, full of gags, and it's quite funny but also a bit crude sometimes. I think the age of the main characters renders the topic of the dialogues (mainly sex) a bit yeuky. It is like imagining your parents going at it since the children are grown and in their 20s (that's my age). Otherwise it's an ok movie. I like Meryl Streep as an actress, and in It's Complicated she's as good as ever. Alec Baldwin is this overconfident character I found much annoying so I guess he played his part well, too. In the end I don't know if I liked the film or not, but I spent a good time in between the moments when I felt slightly out of place.

One good musical surprise, a song I love from Joss Stone: Girls They Won't Believe It.

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