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November 19 2009 5 19 /11 /November /2009 21:46
New Moon Poster
WARNING: If you haven't read the books or seen the trailer and hate to be told what's going on in a movie you haven't watched yet, mind the spoilers in this article!

Yesterday I saw New Moon, the second opus in Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series, in theaters. I was excited about it, because I've read the whole series already, and New Moon was my favourite book of the four (it goes downhill from the first pages of the 3rd, on).

Well, I can say that on the whole I wasn't disappointed. The scnario, the dialogues, the acting, all of it is true to the book. The action, the jokes, the romance fit to the general atmosphere depicted in the books. The main story is really great, the suspense and timing perfect.

I would, however, point a few dark points that I think were due to the director and the technical teams, and here is what they should do for the 3rd and 4th movies:
First: change the make up teams for the 3rd movie, Eclipse. The vampires who seemed just the right bit paler than the normal got showered by talc the general effect is bad. Edward doesn't look remotely attractive any more.
Second: also change the contacts the Cullens are wearing: they seem to hurt the actors (they were red-eyed most of the time!) and give them this really exaggerated alien look that they didn't have in Twilight (the first episode). The combination with the talc thing I mentioned above is really not pretty. And pretty is exactly what they're supposed to be!! That's a key element in the whole saga and I think they didn't respect that in New Moon.
Third: either pay more capable computer programmers or just do a George Lucas and wait 30 years for the technology to evolve so that you can offer us realistic werewolves. Seriously, I was glad they went all "fast movements/blurry images" from a point on because I couldn't stand looking at "Sam and Jacob the fixed-faced wolves". They reminded me too much of another painful movie memory, Hermione Granger the cat in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Otherwise, they should indeed continue showing a short-haired, shirtless Jacob, for honestly, that's an instant orgasm for the eyes (and judging by the chuckles, giggles, wolf-whistles (!), murmurs and exhales of approval coming from the chick crowd watching the movie in the same room as mine everyone seemed to agree). Just see for yourself below. If a picture is a thousand words, imagine what it's like in high resolution video...!!
Jacob ToplessSeriously, while I never really got why Bella was attracted to Jake in the book, now I get it.

Finally, the music was cool, in line with Twilight (a very good soundtrack, by the way).

I also spent a very good time because it was literally packed with girls here for the same reason as I (Rob!) and a couple of reluctant guys here to accompany their girlfriends. I hadn't experienced such an atmosphere since The Lord Of The Rings - The Two Towers, during which everyone in the cinma was applauding the jokes or Legolas' acrobatics. Everyone applauded at the end of New Moon yesterday.

In short: if you liked the first, I see no reason why you shouldn't like this one. If, however, you didn't like the first, I see no reason why you should like this one.

As I often say, each to their own!

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