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November 13 2009 6 13 /11 /November /2009 23:27

Away We Go Poster

I wasn't really supposed to see this movie, I went to the cinema with two friends ready for the 2012 blast but there were no seats left when we arrived so we chose the least repulsing movie available at this time and ended up buying tickets for Away We Go.

This is the story of a 6-month pregnant woman and her partner who decide to choose a good place to raise their daughter. And so, off they go to visit some old friends and family in various cities, e.g. Phoenix, Montréal, Miami...

I wasn't motivated at all by this film, the trailer of which I had found quite boring and lacking originality. Yet, contrary to 500 Days Of Summer, of which I expected a very good movie in the line of Garden State or Juno and which turned out to be the greatest disappointment of 2009 (just kidding... that was The Half-Blood Prince), I loved Away We Go. It was precisely a Juno-like film, but with originality, a most unexpected chemistry (in the trailer I hadn't noticed it), really funny jokes and no phony dialogues.

I would sum it up in a few words: two lost souls, in love, going on a journey to find themselves. And who has never dreamt of wandering around cities without bothering with such material things as working, savings...? The movie gets me ever more confident with the idea that someday, I will on a US and Canada road trip.

One tiny little regret though, we only caught glimpses of the cities they visited. It wouldn't have hurt to see more than 3 seconds of scenery!

In short: run and see this one, it's a jewel.
And you've got to adore the hilarious airport scene.

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