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November 13 2009 6 13 /11 /November /2009 22:42
Fame 2009 Poster
Out of boredom slash there's-nothing-else-out-right-now, I saw Fame two weeks ago. Since I wasn't expecting anything (good) of it, I enjoyed the movie. The music was good, the dance pieces were good, the atmosphere between the characters plausible... A good teenage movie.

It has those really major weaknesses though. First, it combines all 4 years of the NY High School of Performing Arts in one hour forty minutes. Basically, we follow a handful of students, from their admission auditions to their graduation. This is cool because you are not cursed with one of those horrid cliffhangers that make you (read: me) want to throw the remote control out the window, but it goes far too fast for that kind of movie.

You'd be expecting countless rehearsals to show how hard it is to succeed at this school, a lot of effort, disappointments, whatever. Instead, they crammed the rehearsals, the tough life at home and the relationships between the characters all in one block. One, it's hard to keep up, and two, it makes the situations look shallow, as any problem arising is resolved two minutes later because you've jumped a year already.

Also, I really like to watch people dance, I find this beautiful, but the actual dancing scenes were quite rare, so that was a bit disappointing.
Finally, the characters pass and go by so fast that when the blond dancer who had long hair at the admission auditions cut her hair in her second year I took her for a new person and didn't realise until the end credits that it was the same girl all along. Though to be fair I must admit that I can be really inattentive to such details as haircuts, even in real life.

But, as I said, I didn't expect a good movie so I spent a good time, was charmed by Asher Book and enjoyed seeing Kay Panabaker, whom I knew from TV show Summerland, in the role of the hard-working and shy singer/actress. And I hadn't seen the 1980 version and only watched the TV show on a few rare occasions some fifteen years ago.

In short, either wait for the DVD or just go to the cinema without high expectations.

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