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October 14 2009 4 14 /10 /October /2009 21:52
The Proposal Poster
Yesterday I saw The Proposal in theaters (in France it only went out a couple of weeks ago), and exited 2 hrs later all giggly, and with that refreshing feeling I have when I get captivated by a comedy.

On the one side, there's dear Ryan Reynolds, who was seriously too handsome for his own good in Definitely, Maybe. On the other, Sandra Bullock as a Canadian-soon-to-be-deported-like-an-illegal-maquiladorian; the plot was great. Makes you wonder whether marriages for administrative purposes still exist in so-called developped countries, and whom they concern... Though when you come to think about it I'm about sure it's up to date in France, and, I guess, even more in the US.

Well, enough political speculations, the movie was so fun I got tears in my eyes laughing about it, which, incidentally, doesn't happen often. I mostly cry for sad scenes, very rarely for delirious moments.

The Proposal is part of those movies you know the begining, the end and most of what's in between before actually seeing it, but you enjoy it nonetheless. And when I say "you", I mean "I", because I nourrish a very deep and true love for romantic comedies. They just need the right actors and I'm all for it. So, nothing's new, nothing's unexpected, nothing's revolutionizing the world's biggest philosophical questions, but if you seek a good laugh and a nice love story, go for it!

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