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February 1 2012 4 01 /02 /February /2012 21:43


Well, I said I'd be there for K's Choice's next concert, so I went, and it was amazing!

 This new tour of theirs is quite special, as K's Choice is stepping away from the drums- and bass- filled rock; Instead, they are going on an acoustic tour, where the audience, instead of singing along and jumping and dancing, is seated in a quiet, eerie atmosphere, not unlike a dream.

The result is, quite objectively, breathtaking.

For sure, I'm such of fan of the band that they had won me over before they even appeared on scene, but no one can deny that the quality of the music and their singing was incredible.

 They now appear as acomplished musicians, all three of them, instead of "just" another rock band. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not depreciating their former work here, but what I mean is that although I absolutely adore their "usual" music, this acoustic tour has finally given them the opportunity to show the world all the extent of their talent. They are no longer imprisoned in just one genre. I feel like one could give them any instrument, and they'd do magic with it.

Special mention to Gert Bettens, who can strum the guitar while playing symbals and throwing a mouth-organ solo on top of that, when he's not singing along with Sarah.

I love their cover of The Pointer Sisters "I'm So Excited":

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