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June 30 2013 1 30 /06 /June /2013 09:28


I watched this 2011 independent film last month, and I'm not sure what to think of it.

I loved the story, the actors, the acting, the scenery (exclusively filmed in France, and that's where I'm from), and also the fact that the spectator has to fill in the blanks. But I'm not sure I understand the ending. And that bugs me!

The atmosphere is intense in this film. The chemistry is there at all times. I believe roles like these, with few dialogues and lots of staring, are the hardest to interpret for an actor, because everyone has to read between the lines.

It's not a film for everyone, but I'd say give it a try. Stana Katic is so awesome in this film that just for her it's worth it.

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June 15 2013 7 15 /06 /June /2013 23:41

I think I'm in love with this song - part II



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June 15 2013 7 15 /06 /June /2013 23:37

I think I'm in love with this song - part I


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May 6 2013 2 06 /05 /May /2013 19:26

I know I'm crazy, but sometimes, fiction shakes me up.

Sometimes it's a book - every since reading Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, I've learned that I can cry reading a book. That first time was weird.

Sometimes it's a film - the gates have always opened easily for those. 

And sometimes, it's on TV. I think the first time this happened, I was 8 or 9 and watching the Sailor Moon anime on TV. I still remember the episode and it was - wow - 20 years ago.


I've had these moments with TV shows every since I became a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Then followed Grey's Anatomy. Right now, I'm really, really into Castle.

Usually, such reactions happen for season finales, or "double episodes" that have a big cliffhanger at the end of the first episode, because those are deliberately epic. But last week's episode of Castle caught me completely by surprise, and swept me off my feet.




>> Assume spoilers from this point on <<

We already had the double ep of the season, and the season finale will be episode 24. So I got completely caught off guard by what begun like a completely normal/regular episode. I was even disappointed at first, because it seemed to repeat the scenario of a Grey's Anatomy episode, so I was kind of sad and thought "oh, no, they copy other shows now, they won't do anything original anymore".

It's quite hard, after 5 seasons, to be original, so that would be understandable, although still disappointing to me. Especially for Castle.

Anyway. Kate steps onto a bomb and cannot move for fear of triggering it (hello, Meredith Grey holding a bomb in a patient's body). Then the flashbacks begin (just like in GA, when Meredith starts imagining McDreamy is here instead of the bomb squad guy). But then...Then I got that awesome feeling I get when I watch a Castle episode that I know they made just for us, the real fans. Those who don't "just" watch Castle because it's a funnier version of CSI or Law & Order. Those who watch Castle because the character building had been too good, the history and the stories too realistic to pass on.

I get these feeling in movies sometimes, when they make geeky references only the true fans can understand. Last week, I got caught up in an episode of Castle that was just like a fan vid. They showed all the good moments from the past seasons, all the good times, as if Kate and Castle were remembering them while talking. That was surreal, and exactly perfect at the same time.


This episode was epic, because it was different, a tribute of the show, yet it stayed very true to the characters.

And that "I love you" confession was simply perfectly worded and perfectly timed, as always.


This relationship could have ruined the show, the chemistry, the tension. It's only made it better so far. So worth the 4 season wait.

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May 6 2013 2 06 /05 /May /2013 18:56


There are several things that make the Iron Man films the best comic book adaptations, alongside with X-Men.

1) Robert Downey Junior

2) Great, even awesome, FX

3) Humor and cynicism

4) Realism: Tony Stark doesn't have superpowers. He built an armor from scratch, "anyone" could do that, sort of. That's the big difference between Iron Man and, say, Spiderman or Superman, who get their power from magic sources (okay, mutant spider and foreign planet) and are therefore "chosen". Tony Stark has special skills before he gets his power by wearing his armor; he chooses his fate.


>> Assume spoilers from this point on <<

I loved Iron Man 3 for its FX, although they could have gone further with the 3D. 

I also loved the the ongoing characters' follow up story. Pepper & Tony are a great couple ; the government and army characters & stories are always realistic enough to be believable ; the cute but not naive kid was a great addition to this opus, the decoy villain was simply hilarious and fit extremely well in the Iron Man universe.


What I didn't like, though, was the main villains: the whole "growing a new limb" thing was, in my opinion, too far-fetched to fit the Iron Man-verse. We went from fighting Middle-East terrorists (1st film - Enemy #1 of the US, It'd say that's realistic enough) and a Russian challenger (2nd film - again realistic) to WTF mutants (3rd film - where do these come from?).

I'm usually all for the films which do not explain everything (hello? We're not dumb!), but in this particular case I think the whole mutant thing was shaky: in the end, we know how they were created and why, but not how to effectively kill them. Shoot them? Some die, some come back. Explode them? Some die, some come back... that's not solid ground for a villain. And though they tried to give a physical explanation on how the mutants were created, I didn't really fall for that.


In the end, that was a great film because what was built in the first two films remained and continued to evolve. But I guess I think of the villains as an accessory.

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May 1 2013 4 01 /05 /May /2013 19:16

I haven't posted here in a long while.

I guess there are always times when you're less enthusiastic about sharing on the internet. A lot has happened since the time when I posted regularly. I've changed my perspective on my everyday life, and changed some habits.




- I discovered Pinterest as a great source for all things DIY and improving your lifestyle. I've therefore done lots of crafting in 2012, something I've always loved but hadn't done in a long time. I've improved the organizing of my apartment, for example, and have become more tidy than I ever was.



- I've been taking Zumba lessons every week, after a 14 years sport-less period. I've been "looking" for a sport for a long time, one that would motivate me and that would have a nice learning curve so I wouldn't get bored or fed up too quickly. I find Zumba awesome, because once you get the logic behind the steps - which can take a while - and when you get your breathing under control - which took me a looooonnnng time - there is still a lot to improve, because Zumba is made to look sexy and curvy and fluid, and that's really hard. I'm loving every minute of every lesson though, the music is awesome and sounds like holidays. I also get that stupid smile on my face for one hour straight, it's not usual for me - I'm addicted to this feeling.



- I've been less regular with my cinema habits. I'm not proud of that actually, but better go to the movies and really enjoy it than just go for the sake of using your unlimited monthly pass just because I'm paying for it. 



- I've made new friends, and lost some along the way. It happens, I'm not sad about this. 



- I've seen one of the greatest concerts of my life, COLDPLAY at Stade de France in September 2012. Epic doesn't even begin to cover that.



- I've been disappointed by Lady Gaga's concert at Stade de France in September 2012. That's a shame, really.



- Some books have changed me: Ken Follett's Fall of Giants and Winter of the World, the first two installments of the Century trilogy are epic novels taking place in Britain, Germany, Russia, the US in the 20th century.

Just like The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End, which take place in the Middle Ages, these 1000 pages (each) novels feature a dozen "main" characters, each in their own country. Some meet, others don't, but they are all connected to some degree. I'm loving their stories, because the points of view are so different from one country to another, and it helps understand the World Wars. I've always hated History in class, but now I can see the point behind all these facts and dates. Important events that actually occurred in the real world at the time are in the books, along with the real Historic characters. But the books focus on fictional characters, their personal lives, their battles. I'm understanding things I never understood before, and I've gained a lot of perspective from these books, which I'm trying to transfer to my real life.  



- Some films have changed me: "La Guerre est déclarée", a French movie/true story about a couple whose baby has a brain tumor. Their struggle in the hospitals, treatments etc. is told in a very realistic way, and the film doesn't play on sentimentality or drama, which I did not expect.



- Some music has changed me: My iPod was invaded by Zumba music. I'm loving it, even though it's not what I was going for before taking Zumba classes.



- Some TV shows have changed me: Downton Abbey and Castle keep hooking me even after 3 and 5 seasons respectively. I feel so different now than I did before, about a lot of things.I've started New Girl again and I love it. I've also been re-watching all the Boy Meets World episodes. It was a show I used to love when I was younger, it's great to see it again.


I think I'm back. I feel the pull of the blog, we'll see if it holds!

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October 21 2012 1 21 /10 /October /2012 11:31

Not unlike people, TV shows come and go in my life (but fortunately I change shows more often than I switch friends :)) 


Last year, I definitely dropped Grey's Anatomy and How I Met Your Mother, something that I had seen coming but felt sad nonetheless.

I also dropped newer additions to my following list, and that is rarer. So I stopped following Games of Thrones, a show which, in my opinion, takes itself too seriously.

I dropped The Good Wife as well, as I find these kinds of stories always end up running in circles. I had the same feeling about Damages.

Likewise I stopped watching Being Erica, an overall nice show but which struggled to find a new breath in my opinion.


I'm still watching Royal Pains, but in a non regular way: I dont follow the show every week, but prefer to watch a bunch of episodes in a row.

I love Awkward, a good thing this is a summer show so that when we hit season finales I have something to look forward to.


And I've become so addicted to Castle it's kind of scary. I can't wait to watch the next episode, I've watched the first 4 seasons several times and I know the thing by heart. This show just feels good! 


I have also discovered the genius show Downton Abbey, for which I'll write a complete article. This show is amazing, the cast is amazing, the Britishness of it all is amazing.


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May 17 2012 5 17 /05 /May /2012 12:32


It's been a while since I last posted here, but I really found something blog-worthy.

Last week was Castle's season 4 finale. I've rarely, if ever, seen such an epic season finale. Or, rather, although I am often hooked and swept by an episode (or a film) I've rarely become so swept that I didn't foresee what was coming.

There are many reasons why I love Castle, mostly because I love Kate Beckett's character; I find it so true. The show is never too much or not enough, it just is. Like it could really happen like this, in real life. Of course I see past the crazy murders and near death experiences here, I see through the plots and only focus on the characters. They're true.

Besides my love for this show, I love season finales because, let's face it, I love epic things, and season finales are meant to be like "super episodes". They are meant to be more than your regular mid-season episode, to close most of the seasons' plots, while still leaving you wanting for more and hanging on till the next season starts. Most issues that appeared throughout the season are solved, most times after an epiphany, or a big suspense-laden fight or conflict.

I've watched so many shows with deep interest, sometimes adoration, that I'm used to these mechanics, and I always expect as much from any 42-minute format show. I always wait to be in a very special, focused mood when I watch a finale, to enjoy it to its full extent. Same goes for season premieres, although they are generally less epic. They're about discovering the new axes, the new conflicts, that will be solved when the finale comes. And, of course,should there be a cliffhanger during the previous season's finale, getting rid of that tension. 

Anyway, although season finales have become a good old tradition throughout the years, it doesn't mean that I enjoy them any less.


But I really, really, really wasn't expecting that level of epic.

I wasn't expecting so many axes closing in one episode. Or, rather, I wasn't expecting four years of tension and character development and relationship building to come crashing in a climax of such intensity. I knew - or, let's be honest, I hoped - that when all the things they had hold back would be put out on the table, it would be intense, crazy while remaining simple, but the thing is I wasn't expecting it to happen then. I was so slow, and so fast at the same time, but most of all it was so right.

This show continues to be right, and true, year after year, but this episode totally took me by surprise and blew my mind. Part of me feels they made it for the fans, the true fans, not just the regular audience. I love it when they do that, in a show, in a film. They put up all the details only the fans notice, like the "dance" between calling the other by their first name / last name / title depending on the level of anger or intimacy. Or the biting of one's lower lip only on certain occasions.

It was all there, and it was beautiful, unexpected on my part, but so right! I loved every minute of it.

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February 7 2012 3 07 /02 /February /2012 22:57

Sherlock Holmes Game Of Shadows Jude LawSherlock Holmes Game Of Shadows Robert Downey Jr

I had liked the first installment of Guy Richie's Sherlock Holmes, as being quite unexpected, surprising and entertaining.

The second one is nothing less, although I have to say it's nothing more, either. It's in the same style as the first movie, same rhythm, same music genre, same type of jokes, same kind of very twisted plot etc. Excellent performance from Noomi Rapace, who played Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish version of the Millenium mini-series and films, although I have to say that sadly this actress will always be Lisbeth to me. 

A good way to spend a good time!

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February 1 2012 4 01 /02 /February /2012 21:43


Well, I said I'd be there for K's Choice's next concert, so I went, and it was amazing!

 This new tour of theirs is quite special, as K's Choice is stepping away from the drums- and bass- filled rock; Instead, they are going on an acoustic tour, where the audience, instead of singing along and jumping and dancing, is seated in a quiet, eerie atmosphere, not unlike a dream.

The result is, quite objectively, breathtaking.

For sure, I'm such of fan of the band that they had won me over before they even appeared on scene, but no one can deny that the quality of the music and their singing was incredible.

 They now appear as acomplished musicians, all three of them, instead of "just" another rock band. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not depreciating their former work here, but what I mean is that although I absolutely adore their "usual" music, this acoustic tour has finally given them the opportunity to show the world all the extent of their talent. They are no longer imprisoned in just one genre. I feel like one could give them any instrument, and they'd do magic with it.

Special mention to Gert Bettens, who can strum the guitar while playing symbals and throwing a mouth-organ solo on top of that, when he's not singing along with Sarah.

I love their cover of The Pointer Sisters "I'm So Excited":

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